A popular tiktok celebrity named Murja Ibrahim have blast Kannywood actress Teemah Makamashi

A young popular tiktok celebrity Murja Ibrahim popularly known as Murjaibrahimkunya have come to her tiktok handle and expressed a sadly talked to Kannywood actress Teemah Makamashi for what she have done.

Recall last week Teemah Makamashi have put one video in her tiktok handle with a banner of sheik Abdallah Gadon Kaya and played a popular song name (I will marry you) which got the attention of a lots people.

Murja Ibrahim said Teemah Makamashi didn’t supposed to release that video because everything that she will be doing let her think before she did, because Abdallah Gadon Kaya is a father and also a sheik and is abused for him to see such kind of video.

Till now the Abdallah Gadon Kaya haven’t responded to the video of the Kannywood actress Teemah Makamashi, but some of her fans have expressed their sad over what she have done on her tikok handle and asked of her to remove the video.

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