For the first time, Ummi Rahab met her father in Saudi Arabia

Kannywood actress Ummi Rahab has posted a video of herself lying on her back riding a motorcycle while traveling in Saudi Arabia.

Of course, anyone who has watched this video will see Ummi Rahab’s unimaginable joy at the fact that before her arrival in Saudi Arabia, it was rumored that no one had seen her father or mother during her conflict with Adam a zango.

Earlier this year, Ummi Rahab posted a series of photos and videos during her visit to Saudi Arabia, and reports confirm that her father and mother both live in Saudi Arabia.

Shortly after the arrival of her Saudi heroine, a video of her embracing her mother was shown after a long break, which made people very sympathetic to her heroine Ummi Rahab.

Because there are those who mock the heroine of her parents, some say that her parents are ugly, and some say that she has never seen them even in a picture, but this time the heroine proves to the world that she has parents and reveals their faces in the eyes of the world for everyone to witness.

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