Former Kannywood actress Hafsat Idris have travelled to Saudi Arabia to perform Ummarah of 2022

The former Kannywood actress Hafsat Idris popularly known as barauniya have released some of her pictures in the Murtala Muhammad Airpot were she is seated and waiting for their time to enter the airline to her destination.

The ex Kannywood actress who married to one Mukhtar last month on the month of April 2022 have been said to quite the acting in her carrier since she’s married to someone now.

The actress release some of her pictures on her Instagram handle which some of her fans have were happy seen her that in the whole month of Ramadan she’s getting opportunity to visit the Saudi Arabia.

Kannywood actress Hafsat Idris

Before her marriage Hafsat Idris is among the best Kannywood actress in the industry because she knows how to handle her business of acting, she is trying her best when comes to acting.

Hafsat Idris have features in multiple of Kannywood movies, and she have gotten some nomination of some private companies to become their ambassadors.

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