Kannywood actress Faiza in Kwanacasa’in series responded to her friend on the tiktok platform

The actress, who starred in the long-running documentary, has challenged a friend to betray her because she wants to tell the world her secret. Faiza is a star in Kwanasasa’in because she has played a key role in Season 1 to Season 7 and has made a name for herself in the Kannywood industry.

“However, she went on to challenge her ex-husband, Babana, for allegedly revealing a secret to her, which prompted Faiza to retaliate. Faiza said that if her friend Babian tried to reveal her secret to her, she would probably also reveal her secret because there are some bad things in front of her eyes.

“Tiktok’s social networking site has become a hotbed of controversy for some people in northern Nigeria who have resorted to revealing secrets to their relatives when they have a fight with them or have a problem with each other.

“Faiza’s boss, Babana, has so far not responded to the controversy, with Kannywood actress Faiza’s fans urging her to apologize for her outburst as she continues to tarnish her image.

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