Kannywood actress Halima Atete celebrate her new month Birthday

Kannywood actress Halima Atete have expressed her happiness for the new month of her birthday which is April 2022 as she posted new pictures of her birthday on her Instagram handle.

The Kannywood actress on Monday 4th April 2022 have posted her new pictures on her Instagram handle which she makes new photos to celebrate the new age of her, the Kannywood actress have received well wishes from her fans on her Instagram handle.

Also some of her colleagues in the Kannywood industry have well her a very good wishes on her new age and also wishing her all the best in her carrier.

Halima Atete is also on one of the best hausa series ever which called (Labarina) she started to appear in the (labarina) series on season 4 which she get a role with her real name Halima atete.

Kannywood actress Halima Atete

Halima Atete on the series she was shown coming to sumayya office to book her for their events which one of the staff their told her that Summayya have been kidnapped and she’s nowhere to be found that’s that first seen of her.

After when things start to get bigger she was now become a friend to sumayya mother’s which she started to seat at her sumayya house to help the mother of her with some small small works to do.

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