Online Mop-Up (Outstanding) Examinations for External Students at Lagos State University (LASU)

The management of the Lagos State University (LASU) has approved a process for the LASU External System’s FINAL WINDING DOWN (LASUES). Please keep in mind that the LASUES is not the same as the LASU PART-TIME STUDY.

As a result, all LASUES students who have not yet graduated at the time of this publication are urged to perform the following procedures in order to participate in the excellent course.

  1. Go to for more information. Click LASUES MopUp Exam under the “Student” option, or go to
  2. On the Login screen, enter your matriculation number and submit.
  3. Once step 1 has been completed successfully, click “make payment” to pay for the MopUp Exams.
  4. Return to the login page and log in again after a successful payment (as in step 1)
  5. The LASUES Student Details Dashboard displays information about students as well as exceptional course work (s). Check that the information provided about you is correct, then click the “take examination” button.
  6. Select “Exam Docket” from the Examination Portal.
  7. Click the submit button after entering your matriculation number in the field provided.
  8. If step 8 is completed successfully, a docket is displayed. 7. The docket lists exceptional student courses as well as their availability. The “Exam Pin” on the docket should be noted because the pin will be required for the exams.
  9. On the left-hand side of the dashboard, click the “Start Exam” icon.
  10. Carefully read the criteria and instructions. To begin the exam, enter your examination pin in the supplied space and click the “Proceed button.”

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