Rahama Sadau has expressed her sadness that Nigerian didn’t qualified for World Cup

The Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau have expressed her sadness over the loose of super eagles to Ghana on qualified to world cup match Which held on Abuja.

The Nigerian super eagles ended their match again Ghana 1-1 which aggregate remove Nigerian from qualifying to the world cup.

Rahama Sadau

Super eagles went to Ghana for first round which the match ended in 0-0 although Ghana have played very well in the match.

Again when Ghana come 6o Nigerian for the second round Nigerian are very excited about the match thinking they will score Ghana and get a chance to play in the off coming World Cup in qatar 2022.

The Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau also join Nigerian over super eagles that failed to qualify for the world, many Nigerians express their sadness on social media.

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