Sandwich Degree Admission Form for 2022 Contact Session at the University of Abuja (UNIABUJA)

For the 2022 school term, applications are requested from properly qualified applicants for admission into the University of Abuja (UNIABUJA) Institute of Education (IOE) sandwich syllabus.
Sandwich Degree Courses Department Program Name at UNIABUJA
B. A. in Arts Education (ed.) B. A. in History and humanities Education (ed.) B. A. in Arabic Arts Education (ed.) B. A. in Christian Studies and humanities Education (ed.) B. A. in English language Arts Education (ed.) Islamic Research
Bachelor of Education in Guidance and Counseling
Educational Administration
Bachelor of Education in Educational Administration and Planning
Foundation for Education
Science and Environmental Education B. Sc. Primary Education B.ed (ed.) B. Sc. in Agricultural Science and Environmental Education (ed.) Biology
B. Sc. in Science and Environmental Education (ed.) B. Sc. in Chemistry, Science, and Environmental Education (ed.) Environmental Awareness
B. Sc. in Science and Environmental Education (ed.) Integrative Research
B. Sc. in Science and Environmental Education (ed.) B. Sc. in Mathematics, Science, and Environmental Education (ed.) B. A. in Physics and Science Education (ed.) Social Sciences
B. Sc. in scientific discipline Education (ed.) Economics
B. Sc. in science Education (ed.) Geography
How to Fill Out the UNIABUJA Sandwich Degree Application
Sandwich UNIABUJA Fee for application:
A non-refundable application fee of N10,000.00 should be paid through REMITA via the University of Abuja Portal to the University of Abuja Account. NOTE: Applicants are encouraged to use the University of Abuja Portal to access REMITA for record-keeping purposes.
Application for UNIABUJA Sandwich:
Visit for more information.
“Click here to apply” should be selected.
Click Institute of Education within the left pane.
Click Next after entering the requested information (surname, first name, other names, email, and phone number).
Click Generate RRR on the payment preview screen.
You will be routed to the Remita platform, where you will input your card information (Master Card or Visa Card)
You will be sent back to the location and given an application number after a successful payment, and you’ll be logged out.
To continue the application procedure, click “Main Login” and enter the created application number and surname because of the password.
30 August 2022 is the deadline.

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